Welcome to employmentlaw.co.uk created by Stone Joseph solicitors to provide a comprehensive overview of employment law

Our boutique employment practice provides a fresh approach to employment law, so that if you have an employment issue, we will be happy to resolve the matter initially during the first telephone call.

We will explain employment law in an easy to understand and approachable manner, advising you as to your rights and showing you the best way forward.

Our clients always come first and we hope that you will enjoy speaking to lawyers who take your perspective.

We believe that we can make a genuine difference, by achieving a significant settlement or guiding you easily through employment law.  From the outset and the initial telephone conversation, we will discuss the recommended litigation strategy.

Our clients appreciate our fresh approach with succinct advice in an easy and friendly manner.

We will only take matters forward where we can make a difference, so as not to waste our time and your money.

The Call

The vast majority of employment law problems involves a story of only a few relevant facts.  Our approach is that we prefer to first hear what you have to say on the telephone and only if we think that there potentially is a worthwhile action, will we take it further and have a meeting.  So give Andre or Ruth, the employment partners a call (020 854 9098).


"Who gives a fig - we do"